AMBIENT SUNDAY: Steve Roach, “Eclipse Mix”

If you’re having eclipse withdrawals, maybe this pay-what-you-want release from ambient veteran Steve Roach. If you don’t know Roach’s work, then dive right in. He’s brilliant and his catalog is vast as the heavens.


AMBIENT SUNDAY: Gimu, “Hollow Void Penumbra Nothingness”

Flashback to 2013, and this underground gem from Brazilian sound artist Gimu. This lengthy release offers an array of textures, drones, and layered static and manipulated sounds and atmospherics atop more soothing, hypnotic drones, tones and hints of melody. Like catching radio signals from some unknown life form afloat in deep space. Or just the internal workings of my voided human soul. Who can say. Bring your ears, don your headphones, and let your thoughts, feelings, impressions merge with these sounds to create a world and experience all your own.

M. Sage: Bolus Phasing

Matthew Sage has a new release, the long-form ambient piece “Bolus Phasing.” It’s a response of sorts to the recently-passed Republican-designed American Health Care Act (AHCA). It’s available through Surfacing Records, which releases long-form drone and ambient music in which “all proceeds from sales go to charitable and advocacy organizations who do good in the world.” As each artist can specify where the profits from their work go, Sage is donating all profits from “Bolus Phasing” to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

It’s a good piece of music. Give it a listen.