The lovely folks at Patient Sounds have released the latest issue, “CHLORIS,” of their digital publication WINDOW, featuring visual art and poetry from an array of artists.

Here’s the cover:


You can look through the entire issue, which hopes “To look out, To let light in.” Editors Matthew Sage and Grant Sounder have compiled a lovely arrangement of art & poetry meditating on the natural world, the passing of time, and the interaction between the human-constructed world and earth’s processes–to name but three of the many possible avenues of thought found in these works. There’s an open-endedness to many of these works that offers, as the publication title suggests, a window into possible worlds of experience, thought, and behavior. Permanence, decay, and the life cycles of being take a contemplative position wherein viewers and readers can let their mind drift as we think about both the large and the small (and if there’s much of a difference). As Thomas B. Ostachof’s lovely poem “Weather Weather Weather. Much Better” offers :

“We’re still / burning while here. Or there. Where?”

The works herein are many places, burning with their own special messages, if we have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Finally, I’m grateful to have one of my own photos included in this issue among other fine artists. My thanks to Matthew and Grant. My praise to the other contributors.


M. Sage: Bolus Phasing

Matthew Sage has a new release, the long-form ambient piece “Bolus Phasing.” It’s a response of sorts to the recently-passed Republican-designed American Health Care Act (AHCA). It’s available through Surfacing Records, which releases long-form drone and ambient music in which “all proceeds from sales go to charitable and advocacy organizations who do good in the world.” As each artist can specify where the profits from their work go, Sage is donating all profits from “Bolus Phasing” to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

It’s a good piece of music. Give it a listen.